Where Have John and Ally Been?!

Hello dear followers.

By now, you realize this is our first post since April!  Where the heck have we been all this time?!

While we wanted to make this a blog we could continuously update with new content, we didn’t anticipate what a commitment it would be to keep that promise at the beginning of the year.

So let’s summarize what we’ve been up to:

For starters, we’ve moved out from our humble abode in Wicker Park, Chicago, Illinois back into John’s parents house in Hoffman Estates (boooo…..).

Ally has been traveling non-stop for her job, including to Hawaii, California, and soon Idaho.  Her responsibilities at work have grown tremendously.

John graduated from law school in May.  He immediately had to start studying for the Illinois Bar Exam in July (which he found out he passed a couple weeks ago!).  And now, he continues the eternal struggle of trying to find a paying job.

Most importantly, Ally and John are no longer fiance and fiancee, but rather, husband and wife!  We got married in August – and true to our promise in our early podcasts, Ally walked down the aisle with her parents to Zelda’s Lullaby 🙂

In mid-November, we’re going to celebrate our honeymoon in Thailand for a few weeks before the Holiday Season.

We can get into details on all of these amazing events in due time.  But you, our loyal readers, probably wonder what happened to so many of our podcasts?!  We actually recorded a TON of them back in March, April, and even May that we never uploaded (and we’ll probably upload them soon).

Truth be told, however, we’ve been in a moral dilemma on whether or not the podcasts alone are sufficient to what we want to accomplish with this blog.  While we believe our reactions and analysis as we’ve played the Zelda games have been genuine and spot-on, it’s difficult for you, simply listening to the games, to truly appreciate why we’re reacting as we do in each particular situation we encounter and why certain moments are particularly important not only to the game we’re playing at the time, but to the overall mythos of the Zelda franchise.

Therefore, we’ve been considering starting this blog anew.  The big difference would be instead of doing podcasts, we want to consider providing video streaming as we play for everyone!  That way, you can enjoy our streams as we play, and we can provide more effective commentary instead of attempting to describe what we’re seeing at that point in the gaming process (a la radio sports broadcasts).

We also want to figure out the best way we can provide these videos to you?  Is it YouTube?  We’re not sure because of the “Nintendo Creator Program.”  You can read about it here: https://r.ncp.nintendo.net/guide/.  In layman’s terms, Nintendo is very protective of their intellectual property (a.k.a. the characters and games they’ve created like The Legend of Zelda series and the characters within), and want to maintain most of the ad-revenue, profits, etc., derived if people create YouTube videos of their games.

Alternatively, should we consider providing these broadcasts to you over Twitch?  The problem with that potential idea is the Twitch broadcasts aren’t available forever.

Thus, we have a lot of options we have to consider in order to take this blog to its full potential.  We’re going to take a little more time to figure out how we want to present this blog to all of you, and then we’re going to start updating it more frequently (and we’ll advertise on Facebook/Twitter/Etc.).

For now, just know we have NOT FORGOTTEN about any of you!  Thanks for supporting us as always, and we’ll keep you up to date while we prepare for the re-launch of this blog!

John 🙂


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